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Lump In Right Iliac Fossa (Abdominal Tuberculosis)

In My Old Cured Cases
  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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    This one is my old cured case, that I have been cured 10 years ago. case reported at my clinic on date 20/02/2009. Patient was a farmer, having dark complexion, rigid muscle, dark hair and dark eyes. Patient entered in my clinic with walking in banding position, he banded into 90 degree angle, not able to walk in erect posture. He had taken treatment of a famous Gastroenterologist of the city and was Diagnosed as a case of abdominal tuberculosis. suggested for Laparotomy. but patient do not want to be operated, so he consulted me. I took the case, nothing have been recorded except history of amoebic dysentery. 
  so on the behalf of history and present totality I have been selected for him Lycopodium 200 single dose, Lycopodium relief his complaint slightly but no significant change has been occurred. so I have been changed my prescription after a week. Patient had a intense pain in the abdomen and hardly able to sleep. After giving Bryonia - 30 repeated dose 4 time in a day, Patient was able to sleep, and his pain has been reduced gradually, first Ultra-sonography has been done under in my guidance on date 08/03/2009 the finding was variable thickening of the tumor. F.N.A.C has suggested by Radiologist. but I did not agree, I had to decide continue with Bryonia - 30 repeated doses. ultimately after a hard work and very tormented condition for both patient as well as for me. when all the symptoms of patient has gone, patient was able to sleep, eat, there was no pain in abdomen, final Ultra sonography has been done on date 18/05/2009. what a wonder has done by HOMOEOPATHY tumor has been resolved completely and patient got cured in both aspect of  symptoms and Pathology. (Reports are attached) 

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