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Homoeopathy Offer You Cure For” HEPATITIS –B”

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Homoeopathy Offer You Cure For” HEPATITIS –B”

In Vaccination And Homoeopathy
  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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WHAT IS HEPATITIS – Simply mean inflammation of the liver cell, commonly refer this term for Viral Hepatitis. Viral Hepatitis are of five type that was named as A, B, C, D, & E, the most common type of Hepatitis is, Hepatitis – B most of the time associated with other type infection  like EB, CMV, and Herpes simplex. Hepatitis B virus infection is often associated with Hepatitis D infection so Hepatitis B and Hepatits D are co infection.

Etiology (Cause of the Disease) – Viral Hepatis is caused by a Virus, broadly these virus are classified in two group,

1.       D.N.A. base virus,

2.       R.N.A. base Virus.

ROUTE OF TRANSMISION – Transmitted by Oro-fecal route (Through mouth or Anus by contaminated water.)

FEW WORDS ABOUT VIRUS – Virus is not a living creature but a coding, infect it is a connective- link between dead and living thing. So virus can’t be destroy, but we can change the property of virus by Genetical Engering.

ALLOPATHIC APPROACH OF TREATMENT -    There is no curative treatment of Viral Hepatitis in Allopathy. Allopathy can manage only pathological symptoms of Hepatitis in Advanced stage of Disease. Vaccination for Hepatitis-B is only Preventive measure in Allopathic system of treatment. 


Symptoms & sign – (Hepatitis –B virus has a long incubation period so it take long time to show its symptoms and sign, mostly 3 to 6 month.)

1.       General malaise (extreme fatiguness)

2.       Loss of Appetite

3.       Persistent nausea

4.       Fever with vomiting,

5.       Oneset of dark Urine (due to high level of serum bilrubin)

6.       Altered color of stool.

7.       Jaundice.


1.       Detection of raised bilrubi especially conjugated fraction.

2.       Reduced level of Albumin. 

COMPLICAITON OF VIRAL HEPATITIS- Following are the more common complication.

1.       Liver Cirrhosis

2.       Encephalopathy

3.       Hepatocelluar carcinoma

4.       Death.

TREATMENT – There is no effective treatment of Viral Hepatitis in Allopathy, only management is possible.

HOMOEOPATHIC APPROACH – Homoeopathy has a dynamic approach of treatment, here we treat patient not her/his disease, so it doesn’t matter what type of disease patient have. Holistic approach of treatment can treat patient successfully, basis on the singular/rare/uncommon symptoms of the patient.


He was a boy of 15 years, admitted in Govt. Hospital of Gwalior with marked jaundice after investigation the fact revealed that, He is suffering from Hepatitis B(HBV) infection. He spent almost a month in Hospital but no change, instead of it his suffering got worse continuously.

His father visited on my clinic, looking for help, I told him come with your son, and first stop all the allopathic treatment.

About 15 days later he visited on my clinic, with his son Allopathic doctor was hopeless. I started to take the case. Following symptoms have been recorded.

Sign and symptoms of the patient-

      1. Sickness was depicted on his countenance.

      2. Complexion was jaundiced with raised level of serum Bilirubin.  

      3. There was no pain in abdomen, with slight indurations in right                            hypochondrium.

4. He had the complaint of Headache and vertigo with foggy vision, weakness in lower        extremities especially.

5. There was a pain n eyes that was get amelioration by pressure.

6. There was pain in calf muscle get relief by pressure and stretching out.


1. Bed wetting in personal history


1. JAUNDICE – with increased appetite.


1. Disease started from the complaint of vertigo and weakness with the symptoms of fever that has a peculiar symptoms of “Chill fever patient want to cover completely and slight uncovering aggravate the chill.”

KEY OF THE CASE - Chill fever patient want to cover completely and slight uncovering aggravate the chill.”



1.       Sleep – normal

2.       Dream – something obstructed in life

3.       Appetite – Increased now,

4.       Thirst – increased now , less in history

5.       Perspiration

6.       Urine – colour dark yellow,

7.       Stool – Normal


Basis on the key of case I have given him a single dose of Nux vomica – 200

Result – within 4 month the case has been cured completely without the help of any other medicine except a Bio-chemic combination of Natrum sulph – 6X. (Reports are attached)