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In Vaccination And Homoeopathy
  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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   Nowadays vaccination is widely Prevail in our society. Almost every type of disease has vaccine, and scientists are Continue trying to discover vaccine for those diseases having not. Although in many countries vaccination are prohibited on account of their disastrous effect. It is not our topic here to discuss about the side effect of vaccination but we are going here to discuss about whether vaccination is natural or not, infect it really protect our body from natural diseases or it is only confusion of our mind. Please pay your attention here.

1.    In our country INDIA, BCG vaccination continued from last 40 years, but Tuberculosis is known as the total drug resistant disease, day by day patient of tuberculosis increasing. Why?


2.       Every year many child receive vaccination for Rubela and other type of infective diseases, still child vaccinated previously get infection. Why?


Your child is saving for infection for those diseases your child vaccinated, is nothing but your confusion.

VACCINATION is totally an unnatural procedure; our body immune system does not support it. Hence we need booster doses of vaccine. Vaccine act just like a Miasm and our body continue try to though out it from our body.

Most of the time vaccinated child got infection of Pneumonia or Skin diseases, or Diarrhoea, this is nothing but a protective mechanism of body in order to get rid from this harmful material injected in child body as a form of vaccine. I can best illustrate this fact with an example of my case.

        I received a case of Diarrhoea of a 1 year old child, who was suffering frequent diarrhea after vaccination. They were tried treatment for Allopathy but failed, then consulted me. I took the case and fact reveled was that.

The little child was suffering from frequent diarrhea with Mild attack of Pneumonia. This was all happened after vaccination so this was all POST EFFECT OF VACCINAITON.

     After considered the case, I have been selected for him a Dose of ANTIMONIUM TART -200 single dose, after administered the dose of medicine his Pneumonia and diarrhea have cured. But after few days large white patches appeared on the skin, I had read  similar type of the case on HOMOEOPATHY WORLD COMMUNITY, that case was of Dr. Rajneesh kumar Sharma in that case he administered a dose of vaccinum – 1M so I follow the guidance of Dr. Sharma and given him a dose of Vaccinum – 1M. within three month all white patches have been disappeared successfully. For curing this Case I want to say thanks for Dr. Rajneesh kumar.

     All manifestation appeared In the little patient was nothing but a miasmatic print, miasm that has been developed by vaccination so nothing but post effect of vaccination.

 Vaccination produces many such type of disastrous effect. HOMOEOPATHY has successful treatment. But it would be better child should not be vaccinated. (See attached Photograph)