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Sycotic Miasm (one Of Veneral Miasm)

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Sycotic Miasm (one Of Veneral Miasm)

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  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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I can best illustrate this by a typical case, Mrs. F, Age, 24 German by birth, well developed physically, bright intellectually, and of sunny disposition, married three years, no children, was pregnant eighteen months after marriage, but aborted the third month, her treatment was curettment after which she was confined to her bed for three months. She has been unable to look after her household duties ever since. On making an examination of the pelvic contents, the uterus is found to be bery much hypertrophied, and extremely sensitive to touch, she complaints of shooting pains in the ovaries and through the uterus, bearing down and continual aching through the pelvic region, she has fainting spells during the menses, and much trouble with her heart, although on examination it seems normal; she suffers with a scanty musty smelling leucorrhoea and pruritis vulvae. I decided at once from the previous and present history of her case, that she was infected with sycosis and told her that her husband would also require treatment, in the order to make a perfect cure.

                In a few days he came to the office and gave the following symptoms: Pain in the stomach after eating, of a dull, heavy character, accompanying the pain was a fear of death, or a fear that he was going to die, I said to him, “You have had clap within the last five years,” His answer was, How did you know , did my wife tell you, I sad , Your wife knows nothing about the case, whatever, Later on, he admitted he had gonorrhea five hears previous to his marriage, and that he had not seen a well day since. He also stated that the treatment was medicated injections and some powerful internal remedy, I then informed him why his wife, was ill and why he was ill himself. Further that the discharge would have to be brought back as it was in the first place, and cured in the right way, He demurred at first, but finally consented to have me treat him. His treatment was Nux vomica CM, the first week for the gastric symptoms but as it did not covber his mental symptoms, therefore, he did not receive any benefit from the remedy. Medorrhinum in the CM potency was then given, which caused the discharge to return and a complete cure followed.

                A history of Good health in the wife before marriage, and then a sudden decline (in non tubercular patients) is a pretty positive sign of sycotic infection, especially where pelvic symptoms are present. When sycosis is suppressed in a pseudo-psoric or tuberculous patient, the miasmatic union becomes one very difficult to sepatate. Indeed, this subversive force(Sycosis) has such a positivbe bond with the lie force that the latter is unable to disengage itself. The life force, therefore, must become subservient to it. It is a law of all forces that they act or push in the direction of least resistance, so Sycosis in the organism is modified by the kind of suppression and constitutional pre-disposition of the patient whether tubercular, syphilitic, psoric or whatever degree of perversion met with. So we see that the secondary phenomena arising from an imperfectly treated case may be almost anything we can imagine.

                An organism so disturbed must set up an inhibitory point or a center of resistance somewhere, and the life of the patient then is dependent upon the nature of theat inhibition, modified somewhat by the character of the poision and the constitution of the patrient. Many cases that I have noticed have acute articular rheumatism, others suffer with the chronic and sub- acute forms, or they may later on in the tertiary stage of sycosis take on a gouty nature, and the concretions in the joints or tissues increase their sufferings. Again, many of these sycotically affected patients, either in the secondary or tertiary stages, have attacks of appendicitis, a diseases, I think largely dependent on the sycotic poison, if the patient happens to have already implanted upon that organism the tubercular taint, the disease assumes a malignant type.

Dr. Johan Henry Allen (M.D.)