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Homoeopathy Has Cured Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst (Large Cyst)

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Homoeopathy Has Cured Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst (Large Cyst)

In Endocrine Disorders
  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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A case of large Ovarian cyst has been cured by Homoeopathy. Girl of 19 visited at my clinic in the morning with her mother, a report of Ultra Sonography was in her hand. before visiting at my clinic she had been consulted with several Allopathic Doctor, all were suggested to her for Operation(Surgical removal of the cyst). because she was a unmarried girl, so her mother was very annoyed about her daughter future and was strongly disagree to be operated. I took the case and following symptoms have been collected. 

1. Abdomen – pain- (pain like kuch fail raha hai) constant dull pain, (associated with itching)

2. Head pain – violent, develop suddenly, associated with vertigo

3. Vertigo - < by constant sitting,

4. Nausea – after eating and drinking,

5. Skin – itching without eruption, develop by treatment

6. Vertigo- after rising in morning

7. White discharge, with offensiveness, itching, 


1. Dysmenorrhoea – pain < Bleeding while, and doing activity, like sneezing, coughing,

2. Bleeding, with clouts, pain relieve when pass,

3. menses – Irregular,

4. Fever – without chill, patient want quit sit, or lying,

5. Fever, with head pain, cough, nausea,


1. Sleep – Normal

2. Appetite – normal

3. Thirst -  large, for cold drinks

4. Desire – rice,

5. Perspiration –

6. Thermal – hot, (patient become chilly now)

7. Thirst – for cold drinks

Basis on the above mentioned description, I have been prescribed her Bryonia - 30 repeated doses  4 time in a day. within 2 month her ovarian cyst was disappeared completely. 

I have stopped the treatment but after some time she complaint me at the same place pain that was worse while sneezing or coughing out without any growth or cyst 

The case was finally settled down by a single dose of Zincum Met - 1M 

This was 4 years the case is not returned yet . (Reports are attached)