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LIVER ABSCESS (an Advanced Pathology Got Cured Rapidly)

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LIVER ABSCESS (an Advanced Pathology Got Cured Rapidly)

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  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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    Liver abscess an advanced pathology, got cured so rapidly that I am still in shock. I am unable to define, I must have to say, is it positive or negative side of Homoeopathy? Even so advanced pathologycal condition disappear so rapidly under  Homoeopathic treatment. it is positive for patient, but negative for Doctor. This patient had been taking treatment for his sickness in Allopathic hospital but have no marked change in the health, even after taking continue treatment his illness was getting worse gradually. As you can see in attached report. After spending enough money, patient came to me on advice of other doctor with half belief, He was very hopeless and he hoped that he will not be cured, death is sure.  

    He came into my clinic and sat on my patient examination table. about 5 time during course of treatment he has visited at my clinic but never sat down on patient chair. This is a subject for those doctors, who have a habit of searching mental symptoms. even in a normal person and prescribed accordingly. 

    I started to note down the case, following symptoms have been recorded. 
     1. Chill at fix time of 5 O, clock every evening but at morning only flushes of heat. 
     2. Cough - with difficult expectoration. 
     3. Tongue was coated and dry. 
     4. Pain in right shoulder, 
     5. He can not smell of food, became anxious. 
     6. Frequent vomiting - about 5 to 6 time in a day. 

  This was the totality of symptoms after taking long treatment under allopathic system of treatment 

   When I proceed into the history of present illness I found the gems there was a symptoms of chillness daily day and night, that was chill fever between 12 to 1, both in a.m and p.m. 
   It is an advice of our master Dr. Hahnemann, if you could not find any important symptoms, that is necessary for prescription, you must have to proceed in the history of patient. 

PRESCRIPTION - A single dose of Homoeopathic medicine.

1st - on - (30/11/2017)Patient reported 
1. Vomiting stopped on the same day after taking medicine
2. Right sided shoulder pain has been reduced.
3. Facial expression was more good. 
4. Distention of abdomen has been reduced 
5. USG report show increased abscess from 230 cc to 414 cc. 
6. But patient was looking good 

Prescription - No change 

2nd - on (30/12/2017) patient reported 
1. No complaint of vomiting and nausea but slight pain in abdominal region. 
2. Sshoulder pain not now, but in ankle joint of right side, patient was unable to walk 
3. Facial expression was absolutely normal. 
4. No pain in abdomen coal fire like sensation of changing place. 
5. Patient was looking good and has enough strength. 

Prescription - No change

3rd - on (11/01/2017) U.S.G. done 
1. U.S.G. report show (Normal study)
2. Rest of the symptoms were also have disappeared. 
3. Patient got cured 

Prescription - No change

CONCLUSION - This case is an good example of the 2nd Ahorism of the Organon of medicine. really it was a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health. the case clearly show that if we are able to select the right remedy, you have no need to worry about Pathology it will be disappear surely.