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Burn Like Scaly Skin

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Burn Like Scaly Skin

In My Old Cured Cases
  • Post By:Dr. Habib Khan
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This case is belong to a 40 or 45 years old women. even she was 40 to 45 years old yet she was looking older then his actual age. she was suffering from an cold diarrhoea from his adulthood. I had to visit this case around 8:30 pm. Room in which this woman is lying has not sufficient light so I could not visualized her skin properly. But her skin was looking as a half burn skin. this was a case of Dermitis. There was several scales on her skin without itching but hard on touch. Condition was present in both hand up to elbow joint and some part of her leg was also affected. women was of thin emaciated constitution with dark complexion. 
    There was an important symptoms was present in this women along with case was, Frequent and profuse urination. Basis on above mentioned totality of the symptoms, I have been selected for her Causticum - 30. Causticum has been reduced her skin symptoms but there is no change in her urine complaint. because there was not change her Urine complaint so I have changed the Medicine, and prescribe her a dose of Acetic acid - 200. This was a mistake, I must have to repeat the Causticum in higher potency. it is not the rule, all the symptoms of the patient must be subside at once.  Older symptoms may have to take some time, mostly acute symptoms subside quickly But this is not true for all the patient. actually it depend on disease originate from center to Pheripheral or Peripheral to center, this one also a way to select our Homoeopathic medicine and Medicine must be chosen accordingly. There is lac of such type of symptoms in our Materia medica. Ok, when Acetic acid does not show any result, I have been repeated Causticum - 200 four dose, followed by Sulphur 200 single dose, 
   Patient got cured completely after this treatment.