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Undoubtedly, Homoeopathy as long lasting effect, produce permanent cure of many diseases, even those considered surgical disease, like uterine fibroid, various type of tumor such as Lypoma, melanoma, other surgical diseases for example overgrowth of bones. Etc. has been successfully cured by Homoeopathy not only for me but for many Homoeopaths across the world. But it is not true that Homeopathy is a slow working treatment for many diseases especially for acute one like fever colic and other trouble, Homoeopathy act very quickly even within a half minute patient get relief. But yes, for chronic diseases it takes its own time to eradicate the complete disease that one considered incurable in other system of medicine.
It is baseless concept that homoeopathy is useful only for Home type of diseases like cough, coryza, simple type of fever etc. in fact, Homoeopathy is a complete system of treatment it has capability to cure all type of diseases simple as well as chronic lingering diseases like epilepsy, Rheumatism, liver abscess, Leucoderma, fistula, fissure, piles, allergic rhinitis, Psoriasis, with so many mental disorder like Cretinism, obsessive compulsive disorder, Hysteria so many female diseases like Leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, Ovarian cyst, infertility and many countless diseases has been cured by Homoeopathy.
It is misconception that Homoeopathy is not used for emergency, in fact emergency needed Hospitalization and many other life saving instrument like Oxygen, ventilator and other machineries required. But in our country Homoeopathy is only established at the clinic level. Recently few Hospital opened and I hope many other will be in future, in that condition surely we were able to treat emergency condition. Surgery is different art of treatment it has no relation with any pathy. Yet Homoeopathy can cure many surgical diseases.
Diabetic patient has high blood sugar level, in that cause, if he or she will take more sugar undoubtedly his/her sugar will increase. But which type of sugar will produce harm to diabetic patient, first you must to know, it is Glucose directly produce harmful effect for diabetic patient. But other type of sugar like fructose, lactose, do not harm the patient. Homoeopathic pills has minute quantity of lactose sugar, it is sweet but not estimated in blood, so it does not harm to the diabetic patient. Homoeopathic pills are completely safe for diabetic patient.
Yes it is true, for inexperienced Homoeopath, but for keen observer it's not a difficult task, an experienced Homoeopath can treat child, man, woman successfully and equally, generally it is to be thought that Homoeopathy is the symptoms base system and child is not able to give the symptoms. Yes but basis on the objective symptoms an experienced Homoeopath treat the child patient.