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The Story Of A SURGEON (Dr. Mirza Anwer Baig)

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The Story Of A SURGEON (Dr. Mirza Anwer Baig)

In Inspiration For Our Future
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My Dear friends, 
     Let me introuduce myself to you again. myself, basically an Allopathic trained Doctor, basically a surgeon practiced Allopathy for around 15 to 16 years. that too successfully, That is to say when I was already a famous Allopath took a turn to learn Homoeopathy. 
     The reason, 32 years ago, my wife, had a cancer of the neck which was diagnosed as endometrioma, which means this was a kind of secondary tumour not original. Endometrium is a part of uterus of a lady. so to say secondaries are always metastatic cancers. such type of cancers, are usually of infected nature and in the society these types of cancrs are becoming very much common, reson? Accessive intake of Antibiotics, symptomatic drugs, harmon injections and drugs. 
     Since my wifes tumour was mysterious in the sense, where every menstrual cycle used to grow one inch larger but with the end of that reduced to half. this is how it kept on growing step by step and in a year or so had achieved a size of a cricket ball. Now you imagine with what stress and traumatic experience as a surgeon I have gone through. my friends, that time, suggesting immediate excision, but I refused to go to that kind of treatment because of my own surgical experience and I know, if I would have gone that way, I would have lost my beloved wife. 

   I took my wife to Dr. EGK menon through my friend DR. Kulay (now late). Dr. Menon started treating and my wife tumour started reducing step by step with her menses and finally she got cured in almost one year. that was a shock to my Allopathic knowledge and experience. I sent my wife to Homoeopathic institute to learn this science and while explaining her about her lesson I was amazed how a homoeopath comes to know about the condition or the pathogenesis of  a diseases which an allopath percieving after doing lot of teste. 
    I started homoeopaty practice not only just seeing the result of my wife but tested myself to experience homoeopathic remedies with my own judgement and understanding, such as i burnt my fingers, then took cantheris to see whether the remedy can cure or would relief the pathos of my burnt fingers, Also I stapled my fingers to prove that an homoeopathic remedy Ledum will relieve my suffering, This because accidentally I was inured by stapler, that time I thought I should take antiseptic injection but but after taking a dose of Ledum that pain which was ascending upward through my nerves toward brain stopped imediately then and there, I repeated this experiment after 2 months again. this is how I learned homoeopathy slowly and slowly 
though my guru Dr. EGK Menon taught me homoeopathy just in one sentence and which was  "Mind creates body"