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VITOLOGY (is A New Branch Of Medical Science)

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VITOLOGY (is A New Branch Of Medical Science)

In How Does Homoeopathy Work
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    I have been used this term first time in the history of medicine. Because various operation, we have seen during the study of Homoeopathy, could not be explain on  behalf of Physiology or Pathology. Therefore I started a new branch of medical science VITOLOGY under which we will start the study of the various operation of VITAL FORCE. 
    Some feature have been given by our master Dr. Hahnemann in the Organon of medicine are still undefined. now under the heading of vitology, we are able to define it. lets see Aphosrism 9 
   " In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (Autocracy) the dynamis that animates the material body (Organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation as regard both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for higher purposes of our existence." 
Interpretation - In this aphorism, Dr. Hahnemann said vital force is spiritual in nature, has the capacity to animates our material body. in other word we could say, all the function of our body are due to this spiritual vital force. The study of the vitology is completely different from the study of physiology and pathology. There are many phenomena in our body, that can not be explain basis on the physiology or pathology, but we can better understand after study of VITOLOGY. in healthy condition of vital force our all body function and sensation remain in normal range. so we can use this biological device for the higher purpose of our exixtence. That is a mystery, we still unknown about the higher purpose of our existence. 

DEFINITION - Vitology is the study of the operation of vital force, in respect of disease and health

VARIOUS VITAL OPERATION - (Function of vital force) The material organism, without the vital force, is capable of no sensation, no function, no self-preservation. (Aphorism 10)These are the function mentioned by Dr. Hahnemann. some other function are. 

Sequelae - (Conservative nature of vital force) - our body has conservative nature due to existing vital force, thus, Hahnemann has been written, without vital force our body has no power of self protection, 
Illustration - in various Physiological as well as Pathological condition our body show this feature, for instance - 

1. in the condition of Hypovolemic shock our extremities become cold, then rest of the body if condition is so serious, urine output reduced, this happened just because in effort to maintain enough blood supply for our brain and heart. Now one could say, what is the especial in this phenomena, this can be easily explain on Physiology basis. yes you can, but just think about. In erect posture, gravity is applying on foots. so blood should be pull toward extremities, but against the gravity our vital force is capable to circulate the blood toward head, even in disease condition. This is vital operation. 

2. Mothers womb is the second one strongest muscle of the body after heart. if you want to it stretch out enough to put in a fetus, you would know, what a great mechanical force you have a need to apply on it. But it is a life force, vital energy, which has the capacity to stretch out it, enough for development of growing fetus. intrauterine development of growing fetus is govern by vital force. Thus this is too a vital operation. 

3. Existence of life - life exist everywhere even from height of sky to deep in sea. microorganism grow everywhere. some people thinks that, without oxygen life is not possible, therefore they termed to oxygen as a life force or vital force. Sorry but I have to say that they are thinking in wrong direction. life can exist without oxygen. Anaerobic organisms are the classical example of this. life was exists on this earth even when Oxygen was not present in the atmosphere. the cell was primitive cell. life can exist even inside the stone. so actual vital force is beyond our thinking. life can exist without every factor that you consider essential for life. like 
- Blood - Cockroach has no blood 
- Bone - Earthworm has no bony structure in the body
- Heart - Human being has four chamber heart while Cockroach has 13 chamber heart. Heart is not life but an instrument of life. 
- Nervous system - is essential for life, we could not imagine the existence of life without nervous system, but it has different level of functioning, Organs can be exchange but life can not. 

Various organ of the body has different level of vitality so they are more or less important vital organ, but actual life is beyond the vitality of these organs. 
Health - condition of life, vital force exist every where uniformly in the aspect of both density and quality, having without any unpleasureble sensation or function. 
Disease -  Deranged state of vital force, in which distribution of vital force in body is not uniform. 
Death - Total lost of vital force
Sequelae -  The most advanced pathology is nothing but a Sequelae. What is Sequelae? Sequelaes are a dynamic derangement of vital force. Our body has the capacity to Protect itself. this is so called the immune system. our body has multilevel of immunity, Sequeelae is the reverse of immunity. 
    The various type of Pathological condition, still undefined in allopathic system of treatment or that etiology is still unknown can be easily understood basis on the theory of MIASM. Every miasm has its own specific way of pathogenesis. Rheumatism, Valvular diseases of the heart, Epilepsy, tuberculosis, diabetes and various other pathological condition are nothing but the impression of Miasm. 
    Our body has the power to recover from every condition of disease, it can resolve tumor, it can absorb abscess, it can reduce swelling, it can form new healthy blood cell. If you are capable to select the right remedy (Correct antimiasmatic) remedy for the patient. and these are the various form of Vital operation.