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How Act Homeopathic Medicines

  • 10-11-2017
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it is very challenging question since the time of Hahnemann. How act homoeopathic medicine? However in section 28 of the Organon of medicine, Hahnemann advised us "do not attach much importance in attempt to explain, how act homoeopathic medicine" but our ignited mind can not satisfy without most probable explanation. So Hahnemann mentioned his most probable ways of cure or how act homoeopathic medicine, in section 29 and 30 of Organon of medicine.

Modus Operendi (Old) - According to Dr. Hahnemann, diseases produce due to the alteration of vital force. any etiological factor whether chemical, Physical, Biological, Mechanical, even Psychological impact the healthy vital force, produce a typical vital derangement,( low level of vital energy is the favorable atmosphere for the Miasm to do its best against the Organism. so the Master Hahnemann termed Miasm is the fundamental Cause of disease and all the factor which Consider etiological factor in Allopahic system of treatment, those are mentioned, allready are  the Exiting cause of Disease only) and this typical vital derangement appear on the prompt of body in the form of symptoms.

SELECTION OF MEDICINE - Hence the totality of the symptoms are only effective way to obtain the detail of internal vital derangement. Actually derangement takes place in the center of human entity and production of symptoms is only outward reflection of this internal vital derangement.

APPLICATION OF SIMILAR MEDICINE - When similar medicine is applied according to the law of similia This produce a primary action which is similar to derangemnt or which is similar with symptoms of disease.

STIMULATION OF VITAL FORCE - When unhealthy vital force receives similar impact of disease, it stimulate and produce secondary curative action. which is just opposite of primary action in nature. due to the secondary action of vital force natural disease is remove and finally artificial disease has been produce by medicine, is also remove by the action of healthy vital force.

CURE TAKE PLACE - Finally by the secondary action of vital force cure take place and unhealthy vital force become healthy again.

OBJECTION AGAINST THIS MODUS OPERENDI - Following objections are considerable.

First objection - it is unworthy that, scondary action is produce by vital force only when it is further deranged by medicinal force. this theory does not explaine, why scondary action is not produce when vital force deranged first time by disease force.

Practically it has been seen that, any narcotic drugs used by healthy person  produce primary action in that person very soon, if it has been used continuously by a person vital force react and produce secondary action.

Example - 1. When a person use Opium for a sleep, it produce sleep by its primary action but letter it produce insomnia, which is a result of scondary action produce by vital force.

2. Similarly when Croton Oil use by a person for the purpose to clear constipation it produce diarrhoea by its primary action, but letter it produce more constipation, that is a result of secondary action.

another example is of digitalis, when digitalis use by Allopathic physician in large doses to cure the condition of tachycardia it produce more severe tachycardia, after stoppage of the drug.

By the above mentioned example it is clear that, secondary action is just opposite of primary action. so the role of secondary action is doubtful in homoeopathic cure.

Second objection - is that if cure takes place due to the secondary action of vital force which is just opposite to the derangement takes place in the vital force so it should not be considered as the true Homoeopathic cure, because it is not affected by the similar force.

Third objection - Based on this theory transmission of disease from former generation to next generattion can not explain (Hereditary phenomena)

Fourth objection - This theory can not explain the law of herings’s for cure.

5th objection - it is not mention that, Without restoration of vitl force, how cure established, due to the secondary action.

Science always take its Origin by imagination of thought, Thought which prove by analysis and experiment. I have found some objection on modus operendi offered by Dr. Hahneman. person who agree with me and dis agree, please post your comment

In a such series of Thougt I putted down my own Modus perendi which satisfy all the sight according to my intelligence. if any person found any drawback in this theory, then please share your thought. your most welcome.

MODUS OPERENDI (new) - In the light of new developing science we can more absolutely illustrate that how act homoeopathic mdicine or what is the modus poerendi of homoeopathic medicine. It can be demonstrate more accurately on the basis of CELL PHYSIOLOGY

Production of disease - According to Dr. Hahnemann disease produce due to the alteration of vital force. Now logical question arise here "What is the Vital force" Answer is the "Chemical energy present in the Protoplasm of typical cell in the from of biological energy is the vital force or vital energy which is present every where in the living organism." which is termed as Vital energy by Dr. Hahnemann. and living cell is the device which is capable to convert Chemical energy into the Biological energy.

This Vital energy is very essential for all physiological process perform by cell in its interior.

" an equilibrant maintain always betwen the interior and exterior of the cell. so the value of cell energy always remain constant in the healthy condition of the organism." (Homoestasis)

Two Physiological process one is the Glycolysis and other is the Creb cycle and one system, Electrone transport system, play important role to maintain this constant level of energy in the interior of cell.

Derangement of vital force - When this constant level of energy of the cell is disturb by any etiological factor, belong to either Chemical, Physical, Electrical, Biological, Psychological, or any other type (Exogenous or endogenous) Capable to produce change in the Chemical composition of the Protoplasm, finally produce condition of Acidosis or Alkalosis of the Cell, Ultimately the PH. Value of the Cell is alter.

Production of the morbid symptoms - This alter PH. Cause the mutation of gene which occur temporary in acute condition of the disease, but have the tendency to become more persistence, consuming the time. Long as duration the mutation become more persistent.

Patho-physiology - Patho Physiology related to the production of the disease better understand under the following heading, but first we discuss about the physiology of Protein synthesis in health, under same heading.

Physiology of protein synthesis - Several type of protein are present in the body of living organism, synthesize by 20 type of essential amino acid, these protein molecule are very essential for various type of bio-Physiology Completed in the living cell. Normally protein synthesis occur during the cell division, under the direction of D.N.A. which is very essential for the development of new cell.

Duplication of D.N.A. - According to Dr. J.D watson and H.F Crick D.N.A has the capacity of duplication or replication. Means the one single strand of D.N.A. has the capacity to form the complimentary strand of D.N.A. Property is called duplication or replication of D.N.A.

Replication of D.N.A completed in the following step.

1 step - Both helix of the single D.N.A. Molecule Isolated (Uncoil) to each other. Hydrogen bond present between the nitrogen base of two helix has break down.

2 step - Now the uncoiled helix work as a template for the synthesis of complementary strand, the arrangement of nitrogen base (Contain the biological information for synthesis of special protein) re-arrange in the template strand, according to the requirement of body or malfunctionised by the disease force.

3 step - TRANSCRIPTION - the formation of m- R.N.A from the template strand of D.N.A. is called transcription. R.N.A is a single strand bio-chemical complex compound essential for the completion of cell physiology.

4 step - The information for new protein synthesis is carry out from the nucleus to the cytoplasm by m- R.N.A. and this work is completed with help of t-R.N.A. amino acid, A.T.P and enzymes.

5 step - The new information of protein synthesis as the form of CODON reach to the r- R.N.A. and now the Ribosomes according to the new information synthesized various molecule of different protein according to the need of body.

Now these protein use for the synthesis of complementary strand of D.N.A. so the development of new cell is completed successfully.

This Physiology is completed in the healthy condition of organism. but when the organism is impected by the disease force of any type, patho-Physiology is started. due to the alter PH. temporary mutation of gene is occur in the healthy cell so the healthy cell become SICK cell.

Now sick physiology govern the body function (Organisms is called sick in this condition by Hahnemann) abnormal protein synthesis in the diseased person is the strong support in this theory.

in the direction of sick D.N.A. , abnormal protein synthesis occur in the body, abnormal enzymes are form in the organism, commence abnormal physiological procedure. so finally patho-physiology is established.

Creation of Pathology (Alter physio-Anatomy) - if the living organism persistently remain in the alter Physiology it commence the cell injury which is of two type REVERSIBLE and IRREVERSIBLE type of cell injury. depend on the effect of injurious agent its severity and duration.

REVERSIBLE CELL INJURY - in this condition of patho-physiology Organism is curable. if the correct medicine is selected basis on the law of similar, organism is restored

IRREVERSIBLE CELL INJURY - Permanent change takes place in the organ of the body of living organism comlete cure is not possible, palliation is the rule.

ROLE OF MIASM IN CREATION OF PATHOLOGY - Pathogenic agent of various type likewise Psychological, Chemical, Biological or any other type is the only cause of slight or svere alteration of the vital force, only responsible for acidosis or alkalosis of the cell. But true etiology is form by the Miasm. it is the miasm which govern the type of mutation, it is the miasm which decide which type of protein formation occure in the diseases person, so Ultimately decide the physical makeup and psychology of the sick, which is hiddenly determine by the Chemical composition of cell.

it is the miasm which determine the direction nd level of gene mutation, so form the TRUE ETIOLOGY of the disease.

Cure take place - Gene mutation occur in the interior of cell, can not seen but its effect can see as the form of symptoms. INFECT SYMPTOMS IS THE ONLY REFLECTION OF THE INTERNAL DERANGEMENT OF THE VITAL FORCE OCCUR ON THE GENE.

Symptoms indicate which type of the derangement occur in interior of cell (type of alter gene pattern) so symptoms construct the strong media for recognize the type of alteration of vital force.

Homoeopathic medicine governed by the law of similar correct the internal derangement of vital force, all alteration occur in the interior, cell go-back in the reverse order (Herings’s law of cure) and finally organism become healthy. it balance the energy level derange by the disease force.

Advantage of new Modus Operendi -

1st objection - Why secondary action not take place when vital force first time derange by disease force.

Explanation - This Theory deny th role of seconday action fo cure. cure take place only by the restoration of vital force. I don’t deny the existence of secondary action, infect secondary action is the operation of vital force agains the disease force, by which organism try to oercome by its self effort from the disease force without the help of medicine. When the secondary action is not sufficient to overcome the disease orce, it needs the help of medicine.

2nd objection - Cure not take place by similar force.

Explanation - 2nd objection Completely removed according to new modus operendi cure takes place by the similar force.

3rd objection - Transmission of disease from former generation to next generation not explained.

Explanation - Because finally alteration of disease occur on the gene so the transmission of disease from former generation next generation can be easily explained basis on new modus operendi.

4th objection - Hering law of cure cant’s explain.

Explanation - Hering law of cure can be easily explained by the new theory, According to hering law of cure " When cure take place the symptoms must be removed in reverse order of their appearance. According to new modus operendi when cell become sick to the impact of injurious agent the temporary mutation of gene occur one by on. so the first mutation become more peristent due to the prolongation of time and the last mutation is less persistent because it is new, so the less persistent mutatin reverses back first and then next.

This theory also explain the incurable condition of the disease. when gene mutation become so persistent that it can not reverse back with the help of medicinal force the disease become INCURABLE ONE. in this condition medicine acts only promptly so the palliation is the rule.