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About Dr. Hahnemann


The legend and the creator of a new age in the field of medical science, Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann has come in this mortal world from immortal journey of his soul on dated 10 April 1755 in Germany.

He had born in very poor family; his father was a porcelain painter. In the cause of poverty his father was unable to allow him for higher education. But dr. Hahnemann was a god gifted child, so he was very intelligent. His teacher was much impressed with his intelligence.

So his teacher has prepared himself for further responsibility. Education of Dr. Hahnemann which was an imposed work of god given to the teacher of Dr. Hahnemann has been completed successfully with the bless of god.

God has self created his way of progress; Hahnemann had joined many people in his life,which helped him.

Hahnemann had been completed his graduation in the field of medical science only under age of 22. After that he has started his medical practice according to popular tradition of that time. But he was not satisfied,His dissatisfaction reaches at the peek point when his body part his blood his beloved son became sick and he could not do any thing for him. He felt the medicine system that he were using is faulty and error full So he left his present medicine system and turn his face in opposite side, now he devoted himself in the work of translation, one day he had been translating an allopathic meteria medical from English to German, suddenly his attention directed on the quotation has been written in the book.

"Quinine cure Malaria fever because it is bitter and has tonic effect on stomach"

Hahnemann was not satisfied with this explanation of quinine, he thought, many medicine has tonic effect on stomach and bitter in taste but they are not equal beneficial to cure malaria. He has decide to investigate the truth, he took 4 drum of quinine twice a day and he felt similar paroxysm like malaria fever, this experiment was a germ seed of the invention of HOMOEOPATHY.

Continue up to 6 years, after conduction several experiment, Dr. Hahnemann concluded that The drug produce the disease, has the power to cure similar disease and ultimately this conclusion became the first principle of Homoeopathy.

Dr. Hahnemann devoted many years of his life to establish this system of medicine, which is undoubtedly a great gift of god.
From the year of 1796 (Birth of homoeopathy) till date, Homoeopathy is still working for suffering humanity. It is well known fact that when allopathy fail, homoeopathy work. Homoeopaty is very usefull medicine system for various types of chronic diseases,