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Hahnemann group of clinics is a group of Hahnemann homoeo clinic, The original idea had been born in the mind of Dr. Habib khan (B.Sc., B.H.M.S) The establishment of hundreds of Hahnemann homoeo clinic across the country is the germ seed of the idea.

This idea came in the mind of Dr. habib khan when he realized that mind of a single person is not enough for the grasp of the idea of classical homoeopathy. Any doctor who practices in this divine art of medical science actually has not sufficient memory to memorize the symptoms of whole materia medica or we can say that even symptoms of a single medicine. So the idea of combining many clinics as well as minds of many genius doctors and form a group named HAHNEMANN GROUP OF CLINICS has come in the real world from the world of imagination.
The sole aim of Dr. Habib khan behind this concept of combination of clinics under the name of HAHNEMANN GROUP OF CLINICS is working together for the betterment of future of homoeopathy as well as homoeopaths. I remembered a quotation from the book of Dr. N.C. Ghosh, the sole idea of that quotation was "death in own religion is more better option in the comparison of life in other religion" so my dear doctor Homoeopathy is our religion and ORGANON OF MEDICINE is our religious book like, "Geeta and Quran" and undoubtedly, Dr. Hahnemann is a God of this religion and what we are ? So we are nothing but a follower of Dr. Hahnemann. Every successful homoeopath, knows very well that success can be obtained only after following the instructions of Dr. Hahnemann, given in the Organon of medicine. So if you want to be success in the practice of homeopathy and want to gain name,fame and money, you must follow the direction of Hahnemann.
By this group this will be also our effort to guide you and help you to understand the concept of classical homoeopathy that has been mentioned in the Organon of medicine. So you can achieve your goal and finally you would be a classical Homoeopath.
Your Expections - it is a very important question for us, that what will be your expect before joining this group. That would be, to earn money, to gain fame and prestige. Certainly we will offer you all these things.
Our Expoectations - Now, it is also an equal important question that what would be our expect from you. So my dear doctor it is not a diamond but only your time and honesty that we need from your side, it does not matter how much experience you have, no matter how money you have, we will help you in every aspect but we need your honesty and sincerity.
Inclusion of Clinics - if you want to include your pre-established clinic with this group or you want to establish a new clinic under this group so we have a fix policy.
Pre Established Clinics - if you are a proud owner of your pre-established clinic, which is in a running mode, and you want to include your clinic with HAHNEMANN GROUP OF CLINIC, you have to do:-

  • You have to change the name of your clinic as Hahnemann homoeo clinic a unit of Hahnemann group of clinic.
  • You must deposit a fee of 10000/- Rs in our company account.
  • You have to mention the name of Dr. Habib khan on the main board of clinic with your name.
  • An inspection must be ensured by doctor from the team of group.
  • Web based case taking is necessary.

What will we offer you?

  • We will help you to learn a classical homoeopathy.
  • Time to time seminars will be conducted by group that would be free of cost,
  • We will help you to solve the case,
  • We will Repertorize for you.
  • We will help you to select the medicine.

Money distribution- 60%/40% (60 percent for clinic owner and 40 percent for company)

Establishment of new clinic- under this heading new clinics are of two type,

1. Clinic that would be established with our help.
2. Clinic that would be established totally by us.

Clinic that would be established with our help- if you are a new in the field of homoeopathy, and want to established a new clinic, but you have a lack of money, but you are strongly interested to establish a new clinic. Please write us, it would be our pleasure to help you and we will help you in every aspect.
All rules would be as mentioned as above.
Money distribution would be 50%/50%

Clinic that would be established totally by us- it is a type of new clinic that would be established by company on demand or by the will of company. Doctor will be appointed on such type of clinic on the basis of commission or salary based.
Salary of the doctor would be depend on his/her skill, art of prescription, way of talking, and knowledge in homoeopathy.
It will be the full right of company to reject the application of doctor or cancel the appointment any time without prior notice,