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You're most welcome at the group of Hahnemann homoeo clinic, an effort to provide best services all over the world regarding Homoeopathy. It would be our effort to establish a coordinated system among homoeopaths to ensure your health. If you are a patient on this group, under Hahnemann homoeo clinic it means your case is in hands of hundred of geniuses.

It is golden opportunity for patient connected with us, they will get best treatment providing by doctor with whom you are appointed, if there is any problem hundred of genius mind are standing behind your doctor, so don't worry about your health, your case is in safe hand.
It is our promise to you; definitely you will get 100% Genuine Homoeopathic treatment by our well educated and trained doctor in classical homoeopathy, Homoeopathy which is based on Hahnemann's principle. It is our task to spread homoeopathy in true way, among the various rumor regarding homoeopathic treatment. It would be our effort to introduce you with Homoeopathy, created reform and taught by Dr. Hahnemann himself. That is totally different from popularized homoeopathy.

Homoeopathic medicine can palliate, suppressed and cure your case, but if medicine has been taken by you, is based on Hahnemann's principle it will always cure, so if you are seeking for curative treatment, Hahnemann Homoeo clinic is the best choice.
Our doctors have deep approach in the treatment of chronic diseases, having knowledge of MIASM, nature of chronic disease, Mode of treatment, selection of potency and dose, that is very necessary for treatment of chronic diseases,

CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY - Include all of the above point with single remedy practice is known as classical homoeopathy, or Homoeopathy that is invented by hahnemann himself. With following feature.

  • Single remedy practice - it is advice of our master Hahnemann, (Aphorism 272-274) "Only one, single simple medicine should be given to the patient at one time"in these aphorisms Hahnemann criticized to use Mix dynamic homoeopathic medicine two, three, or more dynamic homoeopathic medicine at a time. Here Dr. Hahnemann also does not allow us to give Homoeopathic medicine with medicine that is used by other system like allopathic or Ayurvedic.

  • But in some cases - as a food supplement Bio-chemic medicine is allowed with dynamic homoeopathic medicine.

  • Use of mother tincture - in some cases additional help is necessary, so Mother tincture of some medicine can be use, because it does not interfere the action of dynamic homoeopathic medicine.

  • External medicine - In aphorism 285, 6th edition Organon of medicine, Hahnemann allowed us to use external medicine on warts, but not allowed upto 5th edition, there is confusion about using external medicine. So it is an Idea of my self. External medicine can be used safely, if disease is not dynamic in origin, like injury, and burn.

QUALIFIED DOCTORS - The above process of classical homoeopathy can be carried out only by qualified doctors, Doctor having knowledge of Miasm, Materia medica, Pharmacy, Organon of medicine with knowledge of other allied subject like Anatomy, physiology, pathology, surgery, etc.

TOTAL HOMOEO CARE - it is our promise to you, we will provide you total homoeo care, based on Hahnemannian system of treatment. Without using other drugs.

APPROACH IN CHRONIC DISEASES - Chronic diseases contagious as well as venereal diseases can be cured by homoeopathy successfully. Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann has been written a book on treatment of chronic diseases, in which he mentioned, how to investigate a chronic disease, how to take a case of chronic disease and how to treat a chronic disease, what precaution we have to take during treatment of such diseases. Dr. Hahnemann was the first person in history of medicine, who successfully separates the acute diseases from chronic diseases. According to Dr. Hahnemann diseases that govern by chronic miasm like Psora, syphilis, Sycosis is called chronic disease; they have no relation with time. Disease of many years old may be acute one, or disease of recent origin may be chronic. Which disease is acute and which one is chronic totally depend which fundamental miasm is working behind existing disease condition.
So the concept of acute and chronic disease in Homoeopathy is totally differ from concept of chronic disease in Allopathy.
Doctor having knowledge of Fundamental cuase (Miasm), Exiting cause, (environmental effect) General and particular modality of disease. Able to judge the peculiar behavior of the patient (Mental makeup) is able to treat the chronic diseases successfully.
As a patient I want to assure you, that your case is in safe hand, if you are a proud patient of HAHNEMANN GROUP OF CLINICS, Your will get following facilities toward us.

  • Online Registration system.

  • Online appointment system.

  • Time to time medicine reminder through SMS.

  • OTP based specific login.

  • Online payment facility.

  • Multi city dispensing facility .

You can drop your case on your page after create account on our side, without appointing any doctor; we promise to you, we will maintain your privacy.