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About Dr. Habib Khan

Dr Habib Khan


When we start to write something, our first problem is that, from where we have to start. I have a solution for this. I will start to write from a great quotation given in the ORGANON OF MEDICINE, written by DR. Hahnemann in the preface of his monumental work CHRONIC DISEASE. That is.

“If I did not know for what purpose I was put here on earth, to become better myself as far as possible”

I think this is not a simple line but a question, should ask every person to himself. I asked this question to myself and answer was, I am putted down here on earth for Homoeopathy.

My journey for Homoeopathy started when I used to study in of 8Th class, at that time I was only 13 or 14 years old. When I was student of 8th class, my mother suddenly started to suffering with a heart disease, because I was kid at that time, so exactly I have not remember, what type of problem actually she has. As far as I remembering, she had a spell of violent pain that was of cardiac origin. I and my family were completely helpless, except that I had an injection of Diclofenac Sodium. After giving this injection I.V. she got relief for some time. About one year has been passed away. I was suddenly come in contact of a Homoeopath. Who got degree in Homoeopathy but practicing in Allopathy. He was interested in me because I knew How to administer I. V. fluid therapy and I was good in I.M injection. So he requested me to attend his clinic after school time.

On his clinic I was first time introduced with Homoeopathy. I started to read his Homoeopathic books. Only within a short span of time I was able to understand about A.B.C of homoeopathy. Now I was a problem for him. He did not allow me for further study, I bought my own books. The first book that I bought was Drug picture of Materia Medica written by Dr. Satyavrata Siddhantalankar. After that I bought Dr. William Boericke’s Materia Medica, because these books were present in Hindi at that time and I was not good in English. My study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica was continued at Home and attending clinic regularly. That Doctor was totally unaware about my study. One day when I was on his clinic, I asked a question for a Doctor that was. You are a doctor of such an excellent pathy, then why are you practicing by allopathy? His reply was golden word, and a turning point of my life. He replied me, “Undoubtedly Homoeopathy is an excellent pathy, but to get success is like a climbing over mountain.” At that time I had to decide that I will be one of them will reach on the apex of mountain. And I stated to learn Homoeopathy more deeply; I found that, if I want to learn Homoeopathy more efficiently, I have to learn English. I started to learn English directly from Homoeopathic books, the first books that I bought in English language was, Lecture on Matria Medica By Dr. J.T. Kent. It was very difficult task for me because I have no knowledge in English language. But I continued my study. Slowly-slowly I was able to understanding English. Now I was in 12 Class, and my study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica was still continued. Now I stared to practicing in Homoeopathy after 4 years of study. My first clinic was Rack of my bed. In which only 5 to 6 medicines were placed. That was Merc cor – 200, Glonoine – 200, Arsenic – 200, Chelidonium- 200 and Carduas Meriance – 30. One night my mother suddenly attacked by heart pain, this time I have not given her an injection of Diclofenac Sodium but a dose of Arsenic – 200 and a Dose of Glonoine – 200. It was miracle for me because after that night she never attacked by such type of Heart pain. Although I did not know, what was the curative agent, it was Arsenic or Glonoine. As per my knowledge, I think it was Arsenic that worked curatively for patient. Because patient was very restlessness, and it was 2 A.M. at night when attack happened so I think It was Arsenic.

Now my Mother became free from that deadly disease. At that time I was doing B.Sc., but my study of Homoeopathic material Medica was continued. In this duration I have been cured many cases by single Homoeopathic medicine.

After completion of graduation I have faced same problem of bread and butter. I started to teach Biology and Chemistry. Practicing Homoeopathy was continued with coaching classes. Now my patients day to day were increasing. So I decided to take admission in Homoeopathic Medical College. I have been completed B.H.M.S from Vasundhra Raje Homoeopathic Medical College, Gwalior. After completion of my Medical education, I started my professional practice in 2012. During this period of practice in 7 years but in fact in 21 years I found that Homoeopathy is not an alternative system of treatment but a complete system. We have a treatment for every curative disease. Many diseases considered totally surgical in allopathic system, those too cured by homoeopathy successfully.

My journey of Homoeopathy is still continue, I welcome to every Homoeopath who willing to join us. For this purpose I founded this platform named HAHNEMANN HOMOEO CLINIC. I request to every true lover of Homoeopathy, Please join us and work to gather for better Homoeopathy.

Especial Thanks
I want to say especial thanks to my Guru Dr. Hari Prasad Garg who thought and, crafted me in classical Homoeopathy, He is the person from whom I have learned what is the exact way of practicing Homoeopathy, how we can treat a patient with single medicine and single dose. His presence is like bless for me. God keep him safe.